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English short stories

Foolish Imitation

Long ago, a hawk lived on the top of a hill. At the foot of the hill there was a banyan tree on which a crow used to perch everyday. The crow was very foolish. He would imitate everyone.

The hawk atop the hill would fly down everyday in search of food. The crow watched the hawk circling in the air for long hours and swooping down when he saw his prey. The hawk gifted with eyes that could see long distances would spot his prey from the hill top and then fly down to pounce upon the prey.

The crow watched the hawk thinking, “Hunh! If the hawk can do that, I too can. What does he think? One day, I will show the hawk that I can do the same thing."

A few days later, as the hawk was circling in the air, the crow decided to do the same. Suddenly a baby rabbit came out of the bushes. The hawk saw it and the crow too saw the rabbit.

Before the crow could move, the hawk swooped down, caught hold of the rabbit in his strong sharp talons and flew away. “Swoosh!" was all the crow heard as the hawk disappeared in the sky with his prey. “Hmmph! That is no great skill," thought the crow, angrily.

Next moment he spotted a big fat mouse coming out of a hole. Without wasting time, the crow swooped down. Like the hawk he tried to catch the mouse in his claws.

But the mouse saw the crow and moved away, the crow crashed against the hill. “Eeeaaa!" cried the crow in pain.

Just then the hawk came flying down. “I hope, now you know it is not easy to hunt and it is not easy to imitate, either," said the hawk and flew away.

There after, the crow never imitated any one in its life. It lived happily with the god-given abilities.
the end

Mouse and His Bug

 Once there was a mouse
who lived in a great big house.
The mouse had a pet bug
which lived in his mug.

The mouse wasn't very happy
when his bug jumped into his favorite rug.

 The mouse made the bug stay in his mug
and forbade it to go near the rug.
The bug just wouldn't listen
and jumped onto the rug

This time, the mouse was furious
and squashed it with his mug
the end

Bell The Cat

There was a grocery shop in a town. Plenty of mice lived in that grocery shop. Food was in plenty for them. They ate everything and spoiled all the bags. They also wasted the bread, biscuits and fruits of the shop.

The grocer got really worried. So, he thought "I should buy a cat and let it stay at the grocery. Only then I can save my things."

He bought a nice, big fat cat and let him stay there. The cat had a nice time hunting the mice and killing them. The mice could not move freely now. They were afraid that anytime the cat would eat them up.

The mice wanted to do something. They held a meeting and all of them tweeted "We must get rid of the cat. Can someone give a suggestion"?

All the mice sat and brooded. A smart looking mouse stood up and said, "The cat moves softly. That is the problem. If we can tie a bell around her neck, then things will be fine. We can know the movements of the cat".

“Yes, that is answer," stated all the mice. An old mouse slowly stood up and asked, "Who would tie the bell?" After some moments there was no one there to answer this question.

A Duck Tale

    The bright morning rays shone through the bedroom curtains onto Farmer Huang's pillow; making the room hot and stuffy. Farmer Huang is not an early riser but the heat woke up him. He hurriedly got up and started to head for his poultry farm. He had invested all his money in ducks.

    Farmer Huang got into his lorry that was loaded with ducks in cages and his two workers, Bill and Jim. Their first stop was City Primary School. Upon reaching the school gate, the lorry skidded and punctured a Tyre. Farmer Huang left his workers to change the Tyre while he went into the school canteen to hand over some ducks.

    Meanwhile, a boy had crept up the lorry and opened some of the cages. Jim happened to look up; the boy jumped down from the lorry and ran into the school compound. The ducks were escaping! Jim and Bill hurriedly tried to get the ducks back into the cages but their efforts were in vain. There was a great commotion ... ducks quacking, workers shouting.

    Where was the naughty boy? He was at the school gate letting some ducks into the school. On hearing the noise, many children came out of their classrooms and were watching the funny sight ... two men chasing ducks which were quacking, waddling and flapping their wings which in turn sent down feathers floating in the air! It was hilarious.

    Farmer Huang came back just in time to catch hold of the boy. He then went after the ducks. He made a funny quacking sound and the ducks began to come to him. He happily put them back into their cages, changed the punctured Tyre and drove off ... leaving the boy in the hands of the school principal.

The Lucky Thief

Louise Burt was walking along a San Francisco street.

 Suddenly a man took her purse and ran. Mrs.

 Burt was very angry. She had ten dollars, her

bus pass, and the keys to her house

in the purse. Mrs. Burt ran after the thief.
The thief ran one block, two blocks, three

blocks. The thief was a young man, so he

could run fast. Mrs. Burt was not a young

woman_she was 73 years old_but she could

run fast, too. Mrs. Burt stayed right behind the thief.
Mrs. Burt was wearing two chopsticks in her hair.

The chopsticks had sharp ends. Mrs. Burt took

 the chopsticks out of her hair. "Maybe I can

stab the thief with these chopsticks,

" she thought. "Then he will drop purse."
The thief ran into an apartment building.

Mrs. Burt followed him.

"Help! Stop him!" she shouted. "He has my purse!"
Two police officers were walking near

the apartment building. They heard Mrs.

Burt and ran to help her. One police officer

 stayed with Mrs. Burt.

The other police officer chased the thief.
The police officer found the thief on the roof of the

 apartment building. The thief was looking in

Mrs. Burt's purse. When he saw the police

 officer, the thief dropped the purse and

jumped off the building. The building was two stories high.
A few minutes later the police officer caught the

 thief. He was hiding under a car.

He couldn't run because he had two broken ankles.

The police took the thief to jail. The thief

will stay in jail for long time. But the thief was lucky.

He was lucky that the police caught him.

He lucky that Mrs. Burt didn't catch him!

Betty Botter

One day, Betty Botter wanted to bake a cake. She bought some cheap butter to bake it. But something was wrong with the butter.

“This butter is bitter," said Betty Botter as she tasted the butter.

“If I put it in my cake batter, it will make the batter bitter. But if I put a bit of better butter that would make my batter better."

So, she went off to buy a better butter than her bitter butter. She mixed a bit of better butter into her cake batter. She tasted the batter and was happy that the batter was not bitter.

She adopted the best way to solve the problem. Because there will be always one.

Bye Baby Bunting

One fine morning, a hunter was getting ready to go hunting. Before departing, he went to see his little baby. His baby was awake in a baby crib. He looked at his baby’s blanket and thought the blanket might not be thick enough for the coming winter.

“Bye, my little baby. Daddy is going hunting. Daddy is going to fetch some rabbit skin to make you a new blanket," said the hunter to his baby.

He kissed his baby and went off hunting. After the hunting, he bought a blanket which saved his child from the sever winter that followed.

Cobbler Cobbler

In a small town in England, there lived a poor little girl. Her friend invited her to come to her birthday party. She was so excited. But her right shoe was spoilt. She needed to get it mended quickly. So, she went to see a cobbler in her little town.

“Cobbler, cobbler," called the girl. “Please mend my shoe."

“When do you want it done, little girl?" asked the cobbler.

“Get it done by half-past two. Then I will give you half a crown," said the girl. The cobbler smiled and quickly mended her shoe.

The cobbler finished repairing her shoe before half-past two. The little girl was so happy. Now, she could go to her friend's birthday party.

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