Improve your English with English short stories

Improve your English with English short stories
English short stories

Improve your English with English short stories. This is the fun way!
Make sure you start with stories at your level, and go gradually up.
Do not start with difficult stories that you can't really understand, OK?

1 Short Story

Lost and Found

Donna and her husband John go to the beach every Saturday in the summer. Today is no exception. Donna packs a picnic lunch. She packs the beach umbrella and sun lotion.

She cannot find their beach towels. Donna always loses things. The towels are not in the laundry basket or dryer. They are not in the closet, either. She finally looks in her beach bag. She sees the towels folded in the bottom. Of course, the beach towels are exactly where they should be.

Donna puts on her swimsuit and floppy sun hat. She is almost ready. She just needs her sunglasses. She thinks they are on the table by the door. Or maybe they are in the bathroom. They could also be in her purse. Donna sighs.

John puts the picnic basket, umbrella, and beach bag in the car.  He  checks his fishing poles and equipment. He places them in the car beside the picnic basket.. Daisy, their dog, jumps in the backseat. She loves the beach! John is ready to leave. Where is Donna? She knows he likes to arrive at the beach before the crowds.

John groans and shakes his head. Donna is always late!

Donna searches for her sunglasses. She cannot find them, and she knows John is waiting. He hates when she is late! She grabs her purse and locks the door.

"You are late," John says as Donna gets in the car. Donna tells John that she could not find her sunglasses.

John looks at her and laughs! He flips down the sun visor so Donna can see herself in the mirror. Donna looks in the mirror and laughs too. Her sunglasses are on top of her head. They were there the whole time!

"It is always in the last place that you look," Donna giggles!


English Short Stories Story 02

Angela and Tom sit.

Tom brings a big bag.
Angela brings a small bag.

Tom brings a black hat.

Angela brings a pink hat.

Tom brings an old map.
Angela brings a big map.

Tom brings a net.

Angela brings a big net.

Angela and Tom bring many things.
Tom brings a jug.

Angela brings mugs.

Tom and Angela drink.
Continues in the next story...

English Short Stories Story 03

Angela and Tom are hungry.

Camilla has eggs.
Camilla has figs.

Angela wants an egg.

Tom wants a fig.

Angela and Tom want to drink.

Camilla has a jug.

Camilla has mugs.

Camilla brings mugs, a jug, a fig and an egg.

Camilla has six buns.

Angela wants a bun.

Tom wants a bun.

Camilla brings the buns.

Camilla has nuts.
Angela wants nuts.

Tom wants nuts.

Camilla brings the nuts.

Camilla has gum.

Angela wants gum.

Tom wants gum.

Camilla brings gum.

Camilla gives gum to Angela.

Camilla gives gum to Tom.

Angela and Tom are happy.

Camilla is hungry.

Angela and Tom help Camilla.

Camilla wants a can.

Angela gets a can.

Camilla wants a cup.

Tom gets a cup.

Camilla wants eggs.

Angela gets the eggs.

Camilla wants a bun.

Tom gets a bun.

Camilla is happy.

Continues in the next story...

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