A Duck Tale

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 A Duck Tale

    The bright morning rays shone through the bedroom curtains onto Farmer Huang's pillow; making the room hot and stuffy. Farmer Huang is not an early riser but the heat woke up him. He hurriedly got up and started to head for his poultry farm. He had invested all his money in ducks.

    Farmer Huang got into his lorry that was loaded with ducks in cages and his two workers, Bill and Jim. Their first stop was City Primary School. Upon reaching the school gate, the lorry skidded and punctured a Tyre. Farmer Huang left his workers to change the Tyre while he went into the school canteen to hand over some ducks.

    Meanwhile, a boy had crept up the lorry and opened some of the cages. Jim happened to look up; the boy jumped down from the lorry and ran into the school compound. The ducks were escaping! Jim and Bill hurriedly tried to get the ducks back into the cages but their efforts were in vain. There was a great commotion ... ducks quacking, workers shouting.

    Where was the naughty boy? He was at the school gate letting some ducks into the school. On hearing the noise, many children came out of their classrooms and were watching the funny sight ... two men chasing ducks which were quacking, waddling and flapping their wings which in turn sent down feathers floating in the air! It was hilarious.

    Farmer Huang came back just in time to catch hold of the boy. He then went after the ducks. He made a funny quacking sound and the ducks began to come to him. He happily put them back into their cages, changed the punctured Tyre and drove off ... leaving the boy in the hands of the school principal.